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Nemiña Beach

Once upon a time, a little house forgotten in a small village of Muxia was found by a great family. This family had a dream: Living close to nature and people, in a place where life goes by slowly and seeing the sea every day.

They were restoring step by step this farmhouse into a charming hotel where each detail (the interior part, the fountain, etc.) was carefully restablished.

From the hotel’s opening in 2008 to nowadays, this home acquires new feelings and experiences every day, which we share with these people who have decided to came here and visit us.

Now, we know that dreams come true, Fontequeiroso doors remain open because for us our visitors are never tourists,they are always friends.

Hotel Rústico Grupo II H-CO-2118
Lugar de Queiroso, Nemiña - Muxía, CP 15124 A Coruña, Teléfono: 981 748 946 / 617 490 851, correo@casafontequeiroso.com