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The Hotel

The Rural- Hotel Fontequeiroso,located in a welcoming little village called Nemiña (Muxía), is peculiar as being the most occidental accomodation of Spain. It´s very near to Touriñan cape and Nemiña beach (a well-known beach for surf lovers).

Our Hotel, one of the closest one to the Fisterra- Muxía way, has 6 full-equiped rooms (bathroom, balcony, TV, DVD and hairdryer). We can find a stone-chimney in the sitting room, and another lecture living room among the common areas. Outside, you will enjoy a wide garden and a fountain where habitants of Queiroso washed their clothes and gathered water many years ago.

Settled in an exceptional enviroment, our building lives harmoniusly together with nature of arrounds.

Fontequeiroso hotel has recently received the Singular Accomodation Classification of Turgalicia (the organization which is responsable of tourism promotion in Galicia)

Hotel Rústico Grupo II H-CO-2118
Lugar de Queiroso, Nemiña - Muxía, CP 15124 A Coruña, Teléfono: 981 748 946 / 617 490 851, correo@casafontequeiroso.com